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WL500S Magnetic Flow Meter
WL500S converter measures both flowrate and thermal energy. The induction-based heat consumption meters operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This type of meter is used to measure rates of flow and consumption of energy of electrically conductive liquids. They are particularly suitable for applications where conventional mechanical types are not sufficiently reliable and accurate and also when pressure drop is not acceptable. The only factor limiting their applicability is a certain minimum electric conductivity of the liquid and low content of ferromagnetic particles.
■ High accuracy of bi-directional flow and energy metering
■ Data backup in case of blackout
■ Simple mode and parameter selection
■ Energy and volume dosing
■ Periodical self-cleaning of electrodes
■ Real-time clock
■ Storage for up to 500 real-time data
■ Ping of sudden flow changes
■ Easy calibration
■ Analogue, frequency, multifunctional and data outputs
■ Selectable communication mode

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