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RT100 Rotor Flow Sensor
Paddle-wheeler flow sensor perfectly applies to serious chemical environment and it can offer accurate and reliable measurement.sensor has ternary composition, duplicate composition and multiple compositions. You can choose the appropriate type according to the measure-field. Long-term and reliable excellent characteristics are guaranteed by sturdy structure and mature technique. 

■ Transducer adopts corrosion-proof material in packing with excellent corrosion-proof quality.
■ Novel and practical plug-in structure makes your field installation more simple and convenient.
■ Split style long-distance installation and integral installation applies to any complicated field installation conditions.
■ It has stable square wave output and open-collector NPN with strong driving force.
■ IP68 defense applies to any serious field working environment.
■ It has excellent suitability which can combine other various brands with the same type directly.
■ The maintenance-free design makes you more convenient and assured.