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EL5000 Insertion Type +WL300 Compact Type
EL5000 Series for use in large diameter pipes or open channels as an economical solution for liquid metering.
for example.
- Water treatment
- Sewage treatment
- Acid, neutral or alkaline solutions
- Chemical and pharmaceutical products
Suitable for use at low and medium temperatures.
■ Readings are independent of density, temperature, viscosity and pressure
■ Alternating magnetic field for metering avoids electrolysis
■ Absence of obstructing elements gives low pressure loss and will allow the pass of solids
■ Can be mounted in any position, provided that the pipe is always full
■ Low power consumption
■ Good stability with temperature and age
■ No moving parts provides zero maintenance
■ Can be installed with short straight pipe sections(10DN/5DN)
■ Good chemical resistance of construction materials
WL300 Series Magnetic Flow Meter
■ Three line LCD display for Flow rate/Totalizer
■ Accuracy of +/-0.2%(option), +/-0.5% of reading
■ Bi-directional flow measurement, current and pulse output
■ 4-20mA auxiliary Input include 4 digit display
■ MODBUS/HART communication

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